Targeted Cyber Intelligence

We provide automated technology scanning a manually curated set of Darknet sources, providing fully targeted, actionable intelligence.


Real time Darknet threat intelligence console

Radark automatically tracks Darknet threats, giving immediate notification of compromised company-specific information – employee or customer details, email addresses, passwords and many more. Built in keywords in several languages and new sources added by our analysts every day ensure that Radark gives you only the highest quality Darknet information.

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Average Annual Breach Attempts Per Company
Cost of Data Breach to Your Business
Average No. of Days until Data Breach Discovery
Number of Records Breached Annually

What makes us different

Extreme Targeting

KELA provides only client-specific intelligence, with very low false rates, and without any redundant or generic information.

Curated Sources

Every Darknet site we track is a high quality intelligence source, manually qualified by our analysts. We do not collect everything that’s out there.

IDF Analysts & Cyber Experts

KELA's research and cyber analysts all come from intelligence units in the Israeli Defense Force, providing intelligence expertise for our clients.

Real Discussions

IoC's alone will never give a complete picture. We focus on finding threats by monitoring actual human discussions.