Nir Barak

Founder & CEO

Mr. Nir Barak leads the development of KELA's tools and unique intelligence methods. In addition to his work at KELA, Barak serves as Chairman of the KELA Group.

Yigal Naveh


Mr. Yigal Naveh served as an officer in an IDF intelligence unit. After his military service, Naveh accepted a position as consultant to a senior minister in the Israeli Government, later undertaking a number of business related projects. Naveh holds a graduate degree in Business Administration.

Eran Shtauber


As a key officer in one of the IDF’s elite intelligence units, Mr. Eran Shtauber was responsible for gathering and analyzing intelligence in one of the unit’s most critical divisions.

David Carmiel

Chief Research Officer

David has over 10 years of experience in the intelligence field, initially in the Israeli army and afterwards in various research and analysis positions in the industry.
David leads KELA's Research and Intelligence teams in both the cyber and business intelligence fields.

Tamar Laster

Director of HR

Tamar served as Human Resources officer at the Israel Defense Forces. She later served as a social instructor and recruitment officer at Bney-Zion pre-army preparation center. Tamar studied Human Resources at Tel Aviv University.